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Best of calvinism and the glory of god blog think theology is one of the best Pics in the central doctrine of the institutes was the glory of god it is possible today as it was 500 years ago to be evangelical in name but have a theology which is centred in me and my need for salvation, calvinism and the glory of god by andy johnston by the time calvin published the definitive edition of the institutes some 23 years later after the original 1536 edition after undergoing five revisions and expansions their final form in 1559 was a much more substantial work than the prototype, the difference between calvinism and hypercalvinism is the distance between heaven and hell calvinism is full of life and passion for god and desires to make gods glory shine among the nations hypercalvinism is lifeless heresy that damns people to hell kills evangelism and ruins churches, calvins theology predestination by many accounts he was an excellent writer preacher and theologian when people hear his name today they often think of him as associated with the doctrine of predestinationthat god elects before the foundations of the world a people unto salvation apart from any goodness or foreseen faith in man

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speaking on being a calvinist john piper says we begin as biblebelieving christians who want to put the bible above all systems of thought also of notable importance to reformed theology are the five solas scripture alone christ alone grace alone faith alone gods glory alone, the calvinist is the man who sees god god in nature god in history god in grace everywhere he sees god in his mighty stepping everywhere he feels the working of his mighty arm the throbbing of his mighty heart the calvinist is the man who sees god behind all phenomena and in all that occurs recognizes the hand of god working out his will

at the heart of the reformed faith is the phrase soli deo gloria to god alone goes the glory and i know of no other system of thought that consistently honors god and gives the whole glory to god and no glory to us than what we call reformed theology or historic calvinism, for piper the answer is gods greater glory for most arminian theologians he suggests the answer is human free choices but almost all theologians find two wills in god he says even if theyre not upfront about it, calvinism is a spiritually damaging doctrine because it causes people to lose faith in christ because at some point they think if thats the christian god i dont want to have anything to do with it, calvinism also known as reformed theology is a system of biblical interpretation that focuses on the supreme sovereignty of god his majesty his holiness etc it relates this to mans fallen sinful nature because of the great chasm between god and man and because of mans sinfulness